About US Club Soccer

Founded in 2001.

National Association member of U.S. Soccer Federation.

Approximately 500,000 members in all 50 states, and growing.

Soccer organization run by professional soccer people.

Provides everything necessary to create and run a club, league or event.

Player and staff registration platform (via KYCK)

League and event sanctioning

Administration and Insurance

Players First

Simply put: We empower clubs (and therefore leagues) to make decisions in the best interests of player development.

Why US Club Soccer?

US Club Soccer was founded to eliminate red tape and over-regulation of rules that hinder clubs and players. 

US Club Soccer’s mission is to constantly innovate and challenge the status quo to raise the bar in organization, coaching and quality of soccer programming.

For example: Roster flexibility; club movement of players; no travel permissions required

We respond to the needs of clubs and their leadership; we do not dictate to them.

US Club Soccer places the control of the game in the hands of the technical experts in each club.